Green Iniatives

Written by BVT on .

Border Valley Trading (BVT) has been aggressive to implement corporate responsibility initiatives that help reduce nitrogen dioxide (NOx) pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions and the overall carbon footprint.

  • Brawley processing facility converted from diesel generation to electric power.
  • Diesel powered fleet in Brawley replaced with 20-LNG powered units.
  • Building CNG/LNG fueling station in the Coachella Valley to support fleet.
  • Cooperative agreement with partner company Mesquite Cattle on solar application.
  • Cooperative agreement with with partner company Greenfix America on resource recovery project.
  • Transition to towards more environmentally friendly packaging materials.
  • Efforts to increase container weights that reduce "food miles" and improve air quality.
  • Aggen Solar
  • Mesquite Cattle Feeders Inc